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Here are some brief Q & A on some topics that may help you in your web development search.

How much does a website cost
Website prices vary depending on the type of site you need with an emphasis on whether the website will be for big business, small business or personal use. These factors will determine what features have to be implemented on your website for optimal use. We have price plans that fit the need of each owner and can be modified accordingly with all prices up-front so you never have to deal with unexpected fees.
Do I need to buy a domain name and hosting
You can either purchase your domain and hosting separately or we can do it for you. Our price plans include our hosting fee which covers hosting and domain name cost for the first year. When choosing your domain name come up with different variations in the case that the domain name is already in use, we can check all variations and show you what is available at no extra cost. When choosing a host make sure there are no limits on memory, bandwidth (amount of data transferred between visitor and your host) and file transfers as you could be charged costly fees. Our hosting covers unlimited use so there will be no extra charges to worry about.
What is responsive web design
Responsive websites adjust to fit all resolutions whether its a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your content will scale, shift and conform to provide the best viewing experience no matter what device its on. If you readjust the browser window for this site you will notice the content adjusting to the window size. Responsive web design is almost a must in today's mobile world.
Your company advertises Up-Front Pricing, what is this and how does it benefit me
Up-Front pricing is our way of showing the client exactly what the cost of the website will be and how much the maintenance will cost in the future. Knowing the cost ahead of time helps the client budget accordingly and not be concerned about hidden fees that may jeopardize the websites growth. Many web design companies offer low start up prices but charge $50 to $100 an hour for simple updates that can hurt a websites growth. We offer low unlimited maintenance plans and our regular maintenance charges are well below the industry standard.
Will I be able to update my website
There are several options available for your websites maintenance. We offer low annual maintenance plans that cover unlimited updates for your website (our Deluxe and E-Commerce plans include the first year of maintenance free.) We can also make your site using a Content Management System (Joomla) which enables the client to make changes to the website with no programming knowledge necessary. If no plans are needed due to your website not needing frequent updates, our one-time fees are well below the industry standard rates.
What are the benefits of a web design company compared to a do-it-yourself web design product
There are many benefits to having a web design company design your website instead of using web design software which can severely limit your capabilities. A web design company can create custom graphics and designs that will be one of a kind and not templates that will be used by other users of the same software. Custom web forms, database applications, and custom Jquery work are vital to your websites growth. Web designers can keep your site updated with all the latest technologies where software will always be limited to what€™s in the box.

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