Is Your Website Outdated?

Let IcedWebDesigns build/redesign your website using the latest web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3.
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Web Solutions

Is your website old and outdated? We can help bring your website up to date using the latest web development technologies.

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Web Solutions Overview

Web Solutions is a non-fee service we provide to a client that is thinking about enhancing their existing site whether it€™s a minor change or a complete redesign. We will provide a report that offers suggestions on how to improve your site whether it€™s the design, site flow, or additional applications that can enhance your sites ease of use. Then you can decide if you want us to provide the services or go another route with no cost to you.

Key Points

1. Site Design: This will vary greatly depending on the clients needs. If the client is happy with their initial design then we would only offer a few changes to clean up the design if it is necessary. We will make sure the site is cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly which is key in today's ever expanding mobile browsing world. If it is a site re-design then we will work with the client to map out the new design and offer a free demo (estimated time of one to two weeks to build) of what the website would look like. So you can view what the new site would look like without paying a dime!

2. Additional Applications: Every websites market is different in what the site needs to better help the end user. We will analyze your market and offer web application that will enhance your website. Social media/RSS feeds help stream up to date information right to your website and can be managed easily by the owner of the site. Updating content frequently will help your websites search engine rankings. Expanding your social media presence helps market your site to a larger user base while allowing more direct contact with the visitor. Replacing Flash applications with more browser friendly JQuery applications will help bring your content to platforms that do not support it. So the Flash photo gallery that may be on your site can be replaced with a photo gallery that has the same effects but can be seen on mobile browsers that may not support Flash objects. There are many more helpful web applications so feel free to contact us for more information.

3. Site Flow: Site flow is analyzed to make sure the key aspects and information of your site is easily accessible and clearly defined from the initial visit. The home page is a key area we look at as you want visitors to have a clear view of your service/information. Here are a few key ingredients for home page ease of use:

- Display the latest news on the home page to keep the visitor updated without having to search around the site
- Site Navigation should be clearly defined as well as having a link to a site map and text links in footer to key areas
- Contact information should be available on home page (Phone number, address, quick contact form, etc.)
- Main text on home page should cover all aspects of what the site has to offer and even have key words in the text link to the these important areas.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search Engine Optimization is key for any business website to rise in its market. Although it takes time and money to achieve a high search engine ranking there are some things that can be done content wise to improve the sites visibility. Keywords are a big factor to improving your ranking in select markets as they must be in your content and Meta Tags. We will research your market and list the important keywords that should then be integrated into the sites content. Social media as listed above will also help with SEO along with another key component being linked off of other high ranking sites. We can submit your site to many directories and other resource websites in your market to help with your sites exposure.